through a personal, political and sensitive rearrangement of images and thoughts extrapolated from their original context, anaesthesia questions the collective experience of war, and demands an engagement with the notion of violence and its mediatic consumerism. the work is an unsettling and thought-provoking cinematic sequence of tropes of horror and otherness, alluding to how reality is documented, manipulated and presented to us.



[there was a door I was afraid to walk through]
[if you walk through it at which point do you say
it is enough?][what is it that you call enough?]
[how do you go back from there?]






[please continue] [the experiment requires that you continue] [it is absolutely essential that you continue] [you have no other choice, you must go on]



  [a woman is shouting] [she slaps her face fiercely][she cries for her son’s death] [she rants against the man who killed her son]
 [the man remains silent]






anaesthesia, akina, 2016
mixed media, book, video.

all words are quotations from either printed sources
or from the narration in videos.

the images that accompany the words are screenshots taken from video footage found on internet and modified.

soucers for the images are youtube, liveleak, vice news, bbc, cnn, channel 4, the guardian, russia today, euronews, hbo, msnbc, daily mail, is propaganda, akhbar sham, guncel politikanal, docs, frontline, hurriyet daily news, twitter.