a language as large as longing
chapter three

they said

‘pronounce mother’ in a multitude of mouths.



the sea weeps. the sea of love. as powerful as serene, the depth of the sea, the sea of feelings, the struggle to return home, our anger as a stormy sea. the calm sea, the susurrations. the sea monsters, the drowning in pity, the slaving route, the burial in sea. the sea of separation, the common sea, grace and mobility. the mythic sea, the birth of visions. the sea of despair, the hope in the endlessness. our unconscious, the big mystery, the beginning of everything. the ruthless waves, the destructive force, the ever-changing beauty, metaphor of eternity, the perpetual beater of the shore, the binder of diramations, the original chaos, the dormant dragon, the jaws of Earth. sea of tranquillity, sea of sublime and sea of power. sea of ships and shipwrecks, sailing and disappearing. the sea of interiority, cliffs above and vast nothing, the sea that lulls tides at night, the sea of stars. the sea merging into rivers into our bodies, the water that which we are made of. our beginning and our end.



a language as large as longing 
photography and text